• Geonatlife founded in February 2013; comes at a particularly difficult time for the Portuguese economy. Aware that in these periods of economic difficulty, business opportunities arise that can and should be taken advantage of, so we created Geonatlife. Relying on the commitment of all its employees; we thus favor the emergence of new and good ideas; services and also distinctive postures and practices in this extremely competitive market. This is the spirit that breathes in Geonatlife, reflected in our mission and values.

    Our scope of action is significantly focused on importing and distributing bicycles; bicycle accessories; sports nutrition and travel articles directly related to sports. All these products are of remarkable quality and compete with all mid/high and high end products on the market. In the case of the SPONSER, AIROLUBE, RISKLESS, 7iDP, TAG Metals, ROYAL, PANZER, LESS brakes and KALAS, we are exclusive Iberian distributors.

  • Another of the areas in which Geonatlife operates is the organization of major sporting events. Relying on collaborators; extremely competent and experienced external consultants and organization partners when it comes to the planning and execution of large events.

    We face each event we hold as a new challenge; always trying to correct previous failures and constantly do better; innovating in the type of offers that we present to all the participants of our events. One of the main reasons why we embraced the organization of events; it is the enormous joy that gives us to do new things; different and innovative; that challenge us to always do more; better and different; without copying existing concepts; we try to be different and at the same time outstanding.

    Always do better than our last best event; this is always our challenge.

  • Ethics

    To be profitable in return for the satisfaction of our customers for the services provided.

  • Integrity

    We establish business practices in which our partners relation will always be open and strictly professional, avoiding conflicts of interest and guaranteeing total transparency in all commercial agreements.

  • Humility

    Achieve excellence in our services, always assuming responsibility for our duties, obligations, mistakes, faults and limitations without reservation.

  • Cooperation

    We like to create wealth. Whenever possible also for our commercial partners. We always try to establish alliances and partnerships to implement strategies, obtain synergies, greater competitiveness and risk sharing.

  • Respect

    We see business life as an extension of social life. We must be respectful in our social life and at the same time being respectful within the company, at work, among colleagues and with our business partners.

  • Discipline

    We have an established hierarchy, with well-defined areas of responsibility, but  always well connected, without ever losing the notion that we are a single company that works for the total satisfaction of its commercial partners.